ARCANE 2 (CD/2017)
Music inspired by the works of Kai Meyer

01. Every Page a Heartbeat
02. Sabatea's Song (You Are the Princess)
03. Breath of Gold (Hold On)
04. Aurora
05. Visions Sent
06. Magic Carpet Ride
07. The Isle
08. Aura
09. Pure Moonlight
10. More Stars Shine on Earth
11. The Wave Walkers
12. Leinen Los
13. Hexhermetic Dance
14. Nugua’s Journey

More Stars (EP/2016)

1. More Stars shine on Earth (Single Edit)
2.Every Page a heartbeat (Acoustic)
3. My Life
4. Amber fields (Shadow Mix)
5. Open the Gates (Night Mix)

A R C A N E (CD/2011)
Music inspired by the works of Kai Meyer

1.The Gift
2.Heart of the Desert
4.Arcane Ride
6.Wasser und Fels
7.Die geheime Melodie
8.My Ivory Fairy
12.Deae Noctis
15.Goddess of the Night

The Silver Falls (CD/2008)
Limitierte Edition

1. Open The Gates
2. Elfennacht
3. Silverleaf
4. The Land Through Your Eyes
5. Paperboat & Silverkite
6. The Emerald Princess
7. Crimson Lullaby: The Weight Of The World
8. Crimson Lullaby: The Dreamer
9. Amber Fields
10. My Promised Land
11. Enchantment (Dance With A Storm)
12. One Last Time
13. Three Roses
14. Elfennacht (5.1 Surround-Mix Data Track*)

* AC3 encoded surround media file. 5.1 AC3 compatible hard- and software required for playback. The CD-Extra (data) part is provided without warranties of any kind.

Lore of Nén (CD/2006)

1. Journey
2. The Night I Left
3. On And On
4. Licht
5. Nen Ar Tasar (You See)
6. Half Past You
7. Open Arms (For The Unseen)
8. Celeste
9. Levitation
10. Love Can't Wait
11. Tanz
12. The Night Has Come
13. Pale Sea
14. Eyes Of A Stranger
15. Black Is The Colour
16. My Brightest Star

17. Golden Lace

18. One With Lunnight *
19. Calad Vallen

Love can`t wait (EP/2005)

1. In Nights of Rain and Storm (orchestral)
2. Love cant wait
3. Sad Lisa
4. My view so bright *
5. Spell to the dew *
6. Videoclip Trace of the Flames
7. Videoclip Yányana ~ My Sanctuary

Bonus: Limitiertes Poster

The fire of Glenvore (CD/2004)

1. Return to Armagh
2. Trace of the Flames
3. Nebeltanz
4. In Nights of Rain and Storm
5. Crystal Clear Water
6. Yányana
7. Tears and the Perfect Light
8. Come to the Sea
9. Passed the Meadows
10. Shule aroon Reinhören
11. Nightride to Glenvore
12. Sleeping in Flames
13. Now and Then
14. Der Nachtwald*
15. Incendium*
16. Moonlight Shadow *

17. Roseslake *

Der Nachtwald (Demo/2001)
Eigenveröffentlichung. Das Album ist nicht mehr erhältlich. Stücke werden auf neueren Alben wieder interpretiert.

*=Neuaufgenommene Stücke von "Der Nachtwald"